Documentary Films

Register to view these documentary films for free!  They are available for viewing pleasure from the comfort of your own home for the length of the festival (Sun. May 8th- Sat. May 14th).  Additionally, please consider making any donation to our nonprofit to help offset the cost of our film rentals. It would be much appreciated! 

Past Events

The Third Harmony: Nonviolence and the New Story of Human Nature (documentary film)- Available OnDemand all week!


Explore the convergence of modern science and the world's great wisdom traditions in the context of nonviolence, its history, and impact on conflict.

No Time to Waste: The Urgent Mission of Betty Reid Soskin (documentary film) - Available OnDemand all week!


The inspiring story of Betty Reid Soskin, beloved African American National Park ranger who just retired March 31st, 2022, at the age of 100!

Aware: Glimpses of Conciousness (documentary film) - Available OnDemand all week!


What is consciousness? Is it in all living beings? What happens when we die? Why do we seem to be hardwired for mystical experience?

The Divided Brain (documentary film)- Available OnDemand all week!


Striving for balance between the left and right brain is a survival imperative. Our left hemisphere is very proficient at creating technologies, procedures and systems, but cannot understand the profound implications of those creations for people and the natural world around us.

Entangled (documentary film) - Available OnDemand all week!


Learn the plight of the endangered North Atlantic right whale and the impact of its protection efforts on the lobster industry.

Discussing the Documentaries – What Did We Learn?

Films and Community

Viewer reflection and discussion on the documentary films (and Native Plant video), with a focus on "The Divided Brain".

Documentary Film: A Concerned Citizen


Topic: Civic Participation – Portrait of an activist

Documentary Film: Point of No Return


Topic: Aeronautical Exploration

Documentary Film: Beatrix Farrand’s American Landscapes


Topic: Landscape Architecture – Portrait of a pioneering female garden designer

Documentary Film: The Vow From Hiroshima


Topic: Nuclear Disarmament – Portrait of an activist

Documentary Film: Into The Canyon


Topic: Outdoor Adventure

Documentary Film: Kiss The Ground


Topic: Regenerative Agriculture

Invocation To Sustainability (2021)


The 2021 Invocation to Sustainability will offer a Zoom discussion on the fascinating 3-part documentary film titled, The Connectivity Project, which explores the concepts around how people, nature and community are all linked to one another.

Documentary Film Discussion: Fairytales of Growth

Films and Community

Topic: Worldwide Systemic Change

Documentary Film: Once Was Water

Films and Science & Land

In the middle of the Mojave Desert, is the driest city in America, yet it leads the United States in sustainable water conservation.

Documentary Film: My Country No More


Topic: Energy Production

Documentary Film: Thirst For Power


Topic: Water and Energy

Documentary Film: Let Them Eat Dirt


In this documentary, you’ll learn how allergies, obesity, asthma, diabetes, auto-immune and intestinal disorders are all on the rise, with the incidence of some diseases doubling every ten years. New research points to changes in the ecosystem of microbes that live on and inside every one of us — our micro-biomes — as a major cause.

Documentary Film- Wilder Than Wild: Fire, Forests, and the Future

Films, Community, and Science & Land

Topic: Western Wildfire

Documentary Film: River of Renewal

Films and Community

Learn how competing demands for water, food, and energy have pitted farmers, American Indians, and commercial fishermen against each other for decades in the 10 million acre Klamath River Basin.

Our Story (documentary film)


The story of protecting Greater Chaco from the Indigenous perspective.

The Letter (documentary film)


Activists from around the world visit Pope Francis at the Vatican to share the urgency of addressing challenges facing the Earth, our common home, followed by a facilitated post-film discussion.

Down to Earth (documentary film)


Transformational perspectives of Astronauts observing the magnificent beauty of Earth from space.

The Teakettle Experiment (documentary film)


New research findings for restoring forest health, followed by a post-film discussion relevant to the local area.

12th Hour (documentary film)


Exploring the complex range of human responses to climate change.

Duty of Care: The Climate Trials (documentary film)


Exploring a new and emerging legal framework of accountability for inaction to address climate change.

Once You Know (documentary film)


Exploring the many aspects of resilience that humanity may choose to embrace for the societal and global transitions ahead.

The Ants and the Grasshopper (documentary film)


How do you change someone's mind about the most important thing in the world?

The Nature Makers (documentary film)


Extreme efforts to conserve wildlife in three locations around the American West.