Once You Know (documentary film)

Presented by: Amazing Earthfest



Time: -

Length: 105 minutes

Topic: Resilience

Location: Kanab City Library community meeting room, 374 North Main St, Kanab, Utah

Description: Today, like a ship entering the storm, industrial civilization faces the first symptoms of energy depletion and climate change induced collapse as scientists assert that the opportunity to prevent catastrophic climate change has passed. Are some ways of collapsing better than others? 

"A loving, beautifully crafted, deeply evocative film, if one can use those words to describe the poetic personal journey of Emmanuel Cappellin through his fear of inevitable global ecological collapse and chaos to his belief that only a vision of local, community resilience and a transition to new ways of living, creating, and organizing can save us. For those of us working on the edge of this collapse and hopefully this transition, once you know you can never unknow. You can only act."

Peter Gleick, Scientist, Co-Founder of the Pacific Institute

Awards: Terra di Tutti, DamsLab, AFO CZU, Earth Day, HKIFF Documentary Competition, Another Way, Tve Global Sustainability, International du film d'éducation d'Evreux, Kraków Green Film Festival, Swanpool Environmental, Seoul Eco, International Festival of Science Documentary Film

Location: Kanab Public Library

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