Why should I register for events?

Online registration is a tool that we have created to benefit festival attendees in the case of an event's change of time, date, location, or cancelation. It allows us to email registrants directly with information because they may not think to check the event information for updates. Registrants then can access their profile at any time to view the events that they have saved and see a list of their upcoming and past events.

Another advantage is that Amazing Earthfest can get a estimate on the number of people expected to attend, and prepare accordingly: more/less chairs, tables, supplies, snacks, etc. Additionally, some hikes or venues have size limits that we need to honor.

I requested to rest my password and did not get an email, where is it?

Sometimes emails from websites and group email lists get sent to the "spam" or "junk" folder. Take a look there! If you still have troubles, please email Laura@amazingearthfest.org.

Please email us with any questions that you have and they may be posted here to help assist others.