Invocation To Sustainability (2021)

Presented by: Willow Wind Poets




The 2021 Invocation to Sustainability will offer a Zoom discussion on the fascinating 3-part documentary film titled, The Connectivity Project, which explores the concepts around how people, nature and community are all linked to one another.  The 45-minute film is available for viewing at your leisure from 5 PM Friday, May 7, until 2 PM Sunday, May 9, MDT.  Audience discussion of the film will open our Invocation To Sustainability event at 3 PM Sunday, May 9.  Learn more about the film here:

Enjoy a lovely home video of Sand Hill Cranes in flight, created by Bobbi & Sky Chaney, followed by Kanab’s Willow Wind Poets sharing imaginative original works relating to the interconnections among all things to help awaken fresh wonderment for the mysteries of the natural world.

Join together online to launch a week of personal discovery and exploration of spirit, ethics and ideas revealing the resilience and beauty of the natural world.

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