Night Sky

Presentations on Astrophotography, Astronomy, and Dark Skies.

Past Events

Astrophotography! Field Workshop with an Expert

Science & Land, Arts & Culture, and Night Sky

Venture out to a superbly dark location to learn the craft of astrophotography from an expert.

Hike, Supper, & Star Party

Outdoor Adventure and Night Sky

Scenic 2-mile hike through groves of ancient Ponderosa Pines followed by a catered field supper and stargazing from a superbly dark site. *Advance registration required. Limit 20 people

Black Holes: Deep in the Cosmos with an Astronomer

Science & Land and Night Sky

Astronomy interpreter Paul Ricketts presents a program on black holes while you enjoy sandwiches and more at the Kanab Creek Bakery.

Endangered Species Day Star Party

Community, Science & Land, and Night Sky

Join Bettymaya Foott, Director of Engagement for the International Dark Sky Association, and local amateur astronomers from Stellar Vista Observatory for night sky viewing, laser guided constellation tours, astrophotography, star stories and smart outdoor lighting demos.

Light Pollution and the Stars

Community, Science & Land, and Night Sky

Presentation on light pollution by an astronomer, followed by a telescopic tour of the night sky, preceded by Open Mic from 6 - 8 pm at The Nomad!

Mother’s Day Stars, Venus & Mars

Community and Night Sky

Mom's and Dad's, bring your kids to enjoy a Mother's Day evening viewing planets and stars.

Kanab and the Milky Way, a Love Affair

Arts & Culture and Night Sky

World renowned astrophotgrapher, Dave Lane, shares the stories to his night photography from Kanab and southern Utah.

In Pursuit of Dark Skies

Science & Land and Night Sky

Presentation on Viewing Dark Skies in Utah by Paul Ricketts, from the University of Utah's South Physics Observatory.

Encore Presentation! Master Class in Astrophotography with Dave Lane (2020)

Science & Land and Night Sky

In case you missed it, Amazing Earthfest will once more host a Master Class with professional astrophotographer Dave Lane! What a novel way to enjoy the holidays!

Utah’s Parks: The Jewels of Our Dark Sky Crown

Science & Land and Night Sky

Utah leads the world in designated dark sky places, and our state and national parks form the foundational footprint of dark sky protection. Learn more about the meteoric rise of dark sky programming and protection in Utah parks from Shelby Stock (Utah State Parks) and Cassidy Jones (National Parks Conservation Association). Our speakers will share their view of the key ingredients for dark sky success in Utah and highlight the importance of continued advocacy from International Dark Sky Association (IDA) members and supporters to keep Utah skies dark.

Master Class in Astrophotography (2021)

Arts & Culture and Night Sky

Practical instruction for capturing night sky images including equipment and techniques for beginning and advanced photographers.

Deep Sky Imaging with Astrophotography: A Rare Look thru Utah’s 32” Willard Eccles Telescope

Science & Land and Night Sky

Explore what the night sky has to offer in ways that your eyes simply cannot see.

The Dark Side of Light Pollution

Science & Land and Night Sky

Learn about the adverse effects of the ordinary light pollution we experience each night as it impacts human health and safety, wildlife (such as sleep, mating, and feeding cycles), science (both amateur and professional astronomy), and the economy.

The Lives of Stars

Science & Land and Night Sky

Learn how stars are born, what they’re made of, how long they live, and what they do while they’re alive. What can you tell by looking at the color of a star? What kind of material remains in space after a star dies? Come listen and find out!

The Universe

Science & Land and Night Sky

We’ll illustrate and explain all the different types of objects in the Universe starting close to home and zooming outward from our galaxy including our solar system, stars, nebulae, star clusters, galaxies, neutron stars and black holes. This presentation will cover telescopes too and is among the requirements for scouts to earn an astronomy belt loop and badge.

Master Class in Astrophotography with Dave Lane (2020)

Science & Land and Night Sky

Learn from a master the techniques and equipment needed to produce stunning nighttime landscape images that include a dazzling starry night sky.