16th Annual Amazing Earthfest 2022 Begins May 8th

Authored by: Rich Csenge

Festival News

Published On: Saturday, 4/16/2022

One of Kane County’s longest running special events, the annual Amazing Earthfest, will begin with four scheduled activities on Mother’s Day, May 8. For a full week thereafter, additional activities are scheduled through May 14 in categories including Arts & Culture, Community, Documentary Film, Outdoor Adventure, and Science & Land. 

As public festivals go, Amazing Earthfest is unusual in several ways. The 501c3 nonprofit organization’s learning and discovery experiences are offered free of charge, and aimed at deepening participants’ understanding of the many values of America’s National and State Parks, Forests, Monuments and Public Lands. As humanity enters the 21st century, this year’s festival events also engage participants in examining our growing impacts on the life sustaining resources of our planet, and the many available solutions to lessen them.

Throughout the week of May 8-14, Amazing Earthfest activities invite individuals to explore life in the Inter-mountain West through the lens of our national and state parks, thriving businesses, ancient rock art and ruins, wildlife, Native tribal traditions, prehistoric dinosaur diversity, creative responses to the deepening climate crisis and enjoyment of the sparkling night skies of the Colorado Plateau. The festival’s 2022 film series presents five documentaries exploring endangered species, one inspiring figure telling the American story in new ways, and the hidden nature and mysteries of consciousness. In addition, this year’s films take a deep dive into neuroscience and research exploring the human brain, and the extraordinary power of nonviolent action in creating change.

The events of the 16th Amazing Earthfest will once again unfold entirely online to keep all participants safe during the ongoing Covid pandemic. To learn more about this year’s festival events, register to attend, or donate to help make it happen, go to: https://amazingearthfest.org/ or visit our Facebook page.