United By The Climate Crisis: Leading with Shared Values (Webinar)

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An inspiring and important conversation recorded at the Post Carbon Institute.  Most of us understand that humanity will only be able to address the climate crisis if we all work together.  But how can we engage with people whose values, background, or interests we share, but who aren’t currently invested in tackling the climate emergency?  This webinar explores ways to discover common ground with uncommon allies.

Renowned climate scientist and woman of faith, Katharine Hayhoe, shares stories of introducing climate science to people who, on the surface, seemed too disinterested to engage with the issues.  Dr. Hayhoe discusses how to make connections in unexpected places, and why it’s crucial to unite beyond politics, religion, and culture in addressing the climate crisis.  Don’t miss this enlightening discussion with Katharine Hayhoe about how to make important connections in unlikely places to create a united front in addressing the climate crisis.

Then after the webinar, beginning at 7:30 PM MDT, hop on Zoom for an Amazing Earthfest audience discussion to share what you learned from watching the video.  With the benefit of the information presented in this webinar, what, if anything, would you do differently in your life?  When you register below, you will also receive a separate link to join the discussion.  Hope to see you there!

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