Plight Of Utah’s Great Salt Lake

Presented by: Great Salt Lake Collaborative

Science & Land


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Description: Utah’s Great Salt Lake is a natural wonder, critical stopover for migrating birds, valuable economic resource, and an icon for millions living in the intermountain West. But it’s in crisis! The lake has shrunk to the lowest levels ever recorded. Through rigorous journalism, innovative storytelling and unique community outreach, the Great Salt Lake Collaborative explores solutions to save this critical body of water.

Westminster College Great Salt Lake Institute Coordinator Carly Biedul, and research team member Cora Rasmuson, will share the science. Journalists Sheri Gibbs of Utah Public Radio and Ben Winslow with Fox 13 News, also from the Collaborative, will zoom into the conversation to elucidate the political, social and economic conditions that have led to the crisis. This fascinating presentation will attempt to answer the question: During a time of drought, climate change and major population growth, how can Utah better support this critical body of water?

What is the likelihood of drought continuing to strain the Great Salt Lake in the future, and where do we find the water to save the lake? How long do we have before the Great Salt Lake becomes a biohazard for people living in northern Utah? At what point does the lake “die", and is no longer retrievable?

The Great Salt Lake Collaborative is a group of 21 news, education and media organizations that have come together to better inform and engage the public about the crisis facing the Great Salt Lake — and what can be done to make a difference before it is too late.

Location: Kane County Water Conservancy District, 725 East Kaneplex Drive, Kanab, Utah

Location: Kane County Water Conservancy District

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