Invocation To Sustainability

Presented by: Amazing Earthfest


Date: May 14, 2023

Time: 1:30 PM Utah Time - 3:00 PM Utah Time

In celebration and fun, join others to launch the 17th Annual Amazing Earthfest with deep listening to build awareness of our interconnectedness.

The 2023 Invocation to Sustainability presents explorer, guide and Keynote speaker Scout Wilkins, who delights in helping people play inside the territory of their own curiosity and creative imagination, bringing the energy and excitement of wonder, possibility and trust back to life.

Over her lifetime of guiding throughout the western US, Scout has developed a unique experiential understanding of her place in the world, and a gift for sharing that experience. In her story, My Life as a Rock, Scout invites you to expand through geologic time and experience yourself as a small rock, moving around in space and time, watched with detached curiosity by the ancient rocks all around. 

Scout Wilkins’ primary interest is in reclaiming and expanding our birthright of deep animal awareness, so we get better at sharing this world well with each other and all creatures. Her story invites us to explore our own personal relationship with our mutual human need to create meaning.

The multi-talented studio musician Matthew Stewart will perform live musical interludes. Through call-and-response poetry and music, Debra Csenge and Bobbi Chaney will engage the audience in evoking the sanctity of nature and place.

Kick off this week of adventure, discovery and community connections by exploring the world of spirit, ethics, ideas and personal resilience in the beauty of nature.

Location: Angel’s Landing Outdoor Amphitheater at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab. West side of the gravel road north of Best Friends Welcome Center.

Location: Best Friends Angel's Landing

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