WinGate Wilderness Therapy

WinGate provides an Actual Wilderness Experience (A.W.E.), in which the natural environment is utilized as an integral part of the healing process. The wilderness inherently presents challenging situations and forces each student to discover their own abilities and strengths in order to overcome them. Free from all outside stimuli, our students come face to face with themselves in a very unique and revealing way—one that places them squarely in front of the mirror of life…

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The Wilderness Society

Mission: Uniting people to protect America’s wild places. Vision: A future where people and wild nature flourish together, meeting the challenges of a rapidly changing planet. Principles: We love, respect and are part of the natural world. We believe clean air and water and access to nature are basic rights. We strive for equity and justice in everything we do and seek to reflect the many communities with whom we work. We take bold action…

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Garkane Energy

Garkane Energy is a member-owned cooperative,whose mission is to provide superior, responsive customer service, while cultivating a culture of safety in a manner that builds trust among its members and employees alike.  We seek to provide our members with energy services of value at fair prices, thereby improving their quality of life.  Our mission also includes providing professional development opportunities for the organization’s employees and to keep a balance between the needs of the cooperative’s…

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Honey’s Marketplace

Honey's Marketplace is proud to be an active part of the Kanab, Utah community. The family owned store knows the key to success is providing a fun and value-filled shopping experience for store guests with fresh products, a friendly staff and competitive prices. As the largest grocery store in Kane County, Honey's Marketplace serves as a central hub for the diverse community. They strive to provide a fun and friendly shopping experience for all visitors…

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Joe & Barbara Andrade

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Amazing Earthfest delivers 16 free virtual events this year over Zoom and Vimeo, beginning May 7 and running through May 15, for your learning enjoyment in five distinct categories; arts and culture, community, documentary film, outdoor adventure, science and land,…

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