13th Annual Amazing Earthfest 2019

by Rich Csenge, Founding President and Festival Director Deep in southern Utah, the serene outdoor adventure destination of Kanab rests upon the highly scenic western edge of the Colorado Plateau where some of America’s most majestic and richly hued public lands have found protection. Vermilion cliffs of sandstone, dramatically rising a thousand feet from downtown,… Read more »

Canyons, Trails, Rivers and Stars Enliven Kanab’s 12th Amazing Earthfest: May 13 – 19, 2018

Indoor and outdoor adventures, fascinating lectures, live music, documentary films and star parties offer inspiration to travelers attending Kane County, Utah’s 12th annual Amazing Earthfest. If you plan to visit Kanab for a week during Earthfest, you might wind up deciding to relocate somewhere in southern Utah for a lifetime! Kanab’s Amazing Earthfest connects the… Read more »

Luke Cartin, Director of Sustainability for Park City, Utah, is Keynote Speaker at 12th Amazing Earthfest

For many, the kickoff event at Amazing Earthfest called “Invocation to Sustainability” set for Sunday, May 13, 2:00 to 4:00 pm at the Best Friends Angel’s Landing site, refreshes an internal alignment with Earth’s natural beauty and the inviolable principles governing our planet’s physical processes. Exploring the world of science, spirit, ethics and ideas while… Read more »

Happenings at the 12th Amazing Earthfest 2018

Published in the Southern Utah News, April 26, 2018   Imagine a time and place in your life when a burgeoning curiosity, appetite for exploration, and the thrill of discovery nourished a continuing flow of inspiration. Not an ordinary day like any other day, but to feel excitement propelled by learning, and to share that… Read more »

12th Amazing Earthfest to award KHS student scholarships

Published in the Sounthern Utah News, May 2, 2018 A panel of Kanab High School seniors selected through an essay contest will discuss themes from the award-winning documentary film, Growing Cities, during the 12th annual Amazing Earthfest. The public is invited to attend. Topics covered in the film include individual and community resilience, local self… Read more »

Experiential Learning in the Vanguard of Tourism

Experiential Learning in the Vanguard of Tourism Southern Utah’s 12th Annual Amazing Earthfest, May 13-19 in Kanab, Utah, offers hikes, rides, concerts, lectures and documentary films to enrich the spirit!   In the words of William L. Smith, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Business Administration and Education at Emporia State University,… Read more »

12th Annual Amazing Earthfest Excites Imagination

12th Annual Amazing Earthfest Excites Imagination May 13 – 19, 2018, Kanab, Utah by Rich Csenge, Festival President and Founding Director The undiscovered beauty of Kanab, Utah, where America’s public lands envelop a city framed by thousand foot high vermilion cliffs sets the scene for a unique annual public festival. Rugged red rock landscapes beckon… Read more »

12th Annual Amazing Earthfest Excites Imagination

by Rich Csenge, Festival President and Founding Director May 13 – 19, 2018, Kanab, Utah In the undiscovered beauty spot that is Kanab, Utah, where America’s cherished public lands envelop the city, thousand foot high vermilion cliffs adorn its northern reaches.  Rugged geologic features and the astonishing color of the landscape beckon visitors attending the… Read more »

Kanab Utah’s Twelfth Amazing Earthfest, May 13-19, 2018, Celebrates Trails & Rivers; Explores Climate Change

Originally settled by pioneers in the late 19th century, small towns and cities scattered throughout rural Utah are gateways to some of America’s most magnificent public lands.  Over the past dozen years, Amazing Earthfest has helped bring awareness to their unique position as desirable places for people to re-locate who love natural beauty. By celebrating… Read more »

Southern Utah’s Amazing Earthfest Celebrates Public Lands; Cultivates Collaborative Style

May 11, 2017                                                                                                      PRESS RELEASE Contact: Rich Csenge, Festival Director   435-644-3735 Southern Utah’s Amazing Earthfest Celebrates Public Lands; Cultivates Collaborative Style At a time when discord over the future of Western public lands is running wild, here’s an alternative that could shed some light on the conversation. Why not expand your genuine,… Read more »

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Southern Utah's 15th annual Amazing Earthfest 2021, scheduled for May 9-15, 2021, offers inspiring, educational programming for residents and visitors to southern Utah who value stewardship of natural and cultural resources on America’s public lands and a healthy planet for…

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